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Ovex Tech Solutions offers myriad of reliable and scalable solutions for your tax and legal needs. You can choose from preset packages or design your own packages to suit your needs and budget.

Our suite of services is designed to take care of all of your taxation, compliance and corporate needs. We even let you design our own package to suit your needs and budget.

We have standard rates so that you can understand the costs involved upfront. We believe in quality service at reasonable prices, to suit your needs.​

Individual Taxes

As an individual it is your national responsibility to file your tax and wealth returns. This entitles you to various tax benefits and legitimizes your assets and property. Deduction at source does not absolve you of your responsibility to file your annual tax and wealth return. Whether you are a salaried person or a business individual, our team at Ovex Tech Solution will help you optimize your tax return. We will  not only advise you on efficient tax planning by making most of the exemptions available to you but also handle the ancillary both income and sales tax matters. 

TaxOye is our dedicated product to serve individual tax needs.

Partnership Taxes

Partnership Taxes, Association of Persons (AOP) and  Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) are specialized form of business that require careful planning to blend tax benefit for both the partnership and personal taxation of the partners involved. Our experienced team brings this specialized attention to detail in order to help you prepare and file your tax returns optimally. We take care of not only all your income tax and sales tax matters but do this at a price that does not burden your business.

Corporate Taxes

We understand that it can be very cumbersome for you to meet all the income and sales tax filing requirements, while taking care of day-to-day business needs. That’s why, our professional team is always available not only to meet your filing deadlines but also to handle and advise you on all tax matters in the rapidly changing environment. You grow your business and we will shoulder your regulatory burdens.


Want to start the business you have been dreaming of for a long time or had an A-HA moment recently which could be next multi-million dollar business. Don’t let the legal requirements or regulatory snags put you on hold. Focus on building your business while our team of experts assist you throughout your journey. We will take care of everything from registering your business, obtaining licenses, filing periodic returns and yes also advise you along the way. We understand you’re a startup hence we have thrown in a few extra sweeteners especially for you in our packages.

Membership License

Specialized fields require registration with relevant authorities, which could be time consuming and lengthy process. An experienced team can help cut down this time considerably and expedite the process because of the familiarity with the process. Let us know your needs and our team will provide assistance you need for specialized work like IT, Call Centers, Chamber of Commerce etc.

Intellectual Property

Today’s economy is about new ideas. Protect your business ideas and own your intellectual property before it is copied by someone else. This could be the difference between the success and failure of your business. Our professional team will help you ensure that your intellectual property rights are adequately safeguarded.

Corporate & Legal Affairs

Sometimes it can be challenging to deal with the regulatory authorities and that’s why we’ve got your covered for everything; registering your business, obtaining license, filing returns with SECP and other authorities, modifying business particulars and everything else you need. Our trusted experts diligently handle all regulatory matters keeping your interest the foremost. Your business is our business.



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